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AMT2P aims to promote a motivational training environment which is dynamically adapting based on the needs of the trainees’, rather than simply delivering a training course without taking into consideration the students’ preferences. Motivation mechanics and workflows based on Result Description (including: needs analysis, target groups, elements of innovation, expected impact and transferability potential) dedicated skills/achievements gained within the LME are designed to offer recognition to the AMT2P training programme, inspire students, and engage VET teachers, to participate in this effort.

The  interactive tool will

  • identify
  • report
  • and suggest personalized moderation plans based on each user's needs.
personal plan

 Badge Introduction

The AMT2P Badges validates that the user has gone through all the required information to effectively disseminate the acquired knowledge as an AMT2P expert. What is required?

  • Finalise the “My Strategy” custom plan by going through all available materials
  • Take the Assessment quiz to test your knowledge and download the relevant badge per completed module.